Alphaeton Bonsmaras was formed out of a commercial herd of cows which had been bred starting in the 1970’s. Before records were kept bulls from reputable breeders such as Gordon Knott, Peter Knott, Norton Thompson and the late Glynne Handley were used on the “commercial” cows, which in 2003 were inspected to form the current Alphaeton Bonsmara Stud.

The herd now consists of 250 stud cows which run on natural grazing in a virulent heart water, gall sick and red water region known as the Smaldeel, near Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape, the areas annual rainfall is 450ml.

No supplementary feed or licks are given to the cows, thus ensuring that only the most fertile and adapted females are retained in the herd. Heifers are mated at 18 months and if any cow/heifer does not conceive during the mating season or does not wean a calf she is culled from the herd.


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